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We're back from a brief hiatus with fresh summer garms ✌️

  • The Sun is Setting And I Managed to Light The Campfire on The First Go

    You’ve just gone for a sunset swim and all eyes are on you to get the campfire cranking so the crew can heat up while watching the sky burn. You execute the perfect teepee structure and light that bad boy up first go… time to crack the tinnies!

  • I Burnt My Dinner. The Beer’s Warm. But How’s The Serenity?!

    You've hiked up that big bloody mountain. Your feet and back are sore. You get the fire going and cook up dinner, only to burn it to a crisp. And the beer is warm. But mate, how good is the serenity?

  • Sliding Pack-Fresh Hiking Socks Over Tired Trail Toes

    Life's finest pleasure is in the warm tickle of fresh sock fibres on your feet after a meaty day in the mountains. Like sliding on a custom-made foot glove, the first wiggle of the digits send eyes rolling to the back of one's head and a slight curl in the corner of the mouth. If you know, you know.